Shelter, built to last.

Borealis Builders was formed in 2007, but our love for intelligently designed structures began long before. We were raised in Leavenworth amongst a multi-generational community of builders, and have been employed in various aspects of the building trade for over two decades. During that time, we learned what it means to build real homes for real people, with a true sense of place.

Time spent away from the hometown was necessary, and informative. We live in a beautiful corner of a large world, and decisions we make about shelter have a dramatic impact on our quality of life, and the lives of those around us.

With these core principles in mind, Borealis works each day to create value for our clients. We offer insightful collaboration, clear communication and a broad range of technical expertise.

As certified LEED Green Associates, we are continually researching smarter, simpler, and more elegant ways to increase livability and reduce our footprint. We don't feel this should be an intimidating process, because while the technology of green building is a science, sustainability itself is not. Solidly-built structures that fit their surroundings, are a joy to live in, and are reasonable to maintain, heat and cool for generations to come - that's sustainability, and it's what we work toward each day.

We live here with intention, seeking to cultivate community and a connection to the natural world. Whether you're local by birthright or choice, it matters not. If you love this place like we do, you've found your home, and your builder. 

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